Over 20 years of extensive visual effects experience.

Proven creative influence, leadership, and problem-solving capabilities in all areas of production. 

Accrued an extensive knowledge and application of 2D and Stereoscopic Compositing, LookDev, Digital Matte Painting, complex Wire/Rig removal and Rotoscoping. 

An experienced on-set Visual Effects Supervisor having worked with a diverse assortment of

Directors and clients.

Adept at comprehensive script breakdowns, budgeting and scheduling of all VFX requirements.


FUSEFX                                                                                                 Burbank, CA

VFX Supervisor                                                                                          2013 - Present

  1.   In-House VFX Supervisor for ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodic television program.

  2.   Work closely with Production VFX Supervisor and Producer to bid, pre-vis, supervise and provide

    up up 80 vfx shots per episode in a 12 day post schedule.  Supervise and guide a team of 12 2D artists

    and 20 CG artists heavily reliant on CG animation, FX simulation and complex compositing.

    Also, provide additional on-set VFX plate supervision when needed.

DIGITAL DOMAIN                                                                                        Venice, CA

Compositing Supervisor / DFX Supervisor                        2003 - 2005 / 2007 / 2011-2013

  1.   Over a 10 month period at Digital Domain Vancouver, BC promoted

    from Compositing Supervisor to Digital Effects Supervisor on Bryan Singer’s

    ‘Jack the Giant Killer’.  Managing 3 teams of 30 Compositors.

  1.   Completed numerous complex 2D and Stereoscopic shots for ‘Thor’ and Transformers 3’.

  2.   Nominated for a VES award in the  category of Outstanding Compositing in

    a Motion Picture for a series of complex shots for the “Death Of Beckett” sequence

    in ‘Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’.

  1.   Sequence Lead on ‘I Robot’ included look development of the hero “Sonny” Robot,

    ancillary Robots and BG environments for 100+ shots between four major sequences.

FURIOUS FX                                                                                            Burbank, CA

Visual Effects Supervisor                                                                               2005 - 2010

  1.    Oversaw Pre-Pro, Production and Post-Production VFX Supervision for ‘Get the Gringo’,

     ‘No Ordinary Family’, ‘The Blind Side’ and ‘The Spirit’.        

  1.    Responsibilities include supervising 2D and 3D artists, concept artwork, storyboards,     

      matte painting, texture painting, 2D and stereoscopic compositing, nuke pipeline setup and

      on-set VFX Supervision.

CINESITE DIGITAL FILM CENTER                                                      Hollywood, CA

Visual Effects Supervisor                                                                               1993 - 2003

  1.    Served as production Visual Effects Supervisor on numerous films for high profile Directors

     such as Tony Scott, Bryan Singer, John Woo, Brett Ratner, Stephen Sommers and Barry Levinson.

  1.    Assisted 1st & 2nd unit VFX Plate Photography for ‘X-Men’ in Toronto, Canada in 2000.

  2.    Served as Lead Compositor at Cinesite, London for ‘Lost in Space’.

  3.    Supervised 2nd unit miniature and live action greenscreen elements for several sequences in

     ‘Armageddon’ as Composite Supervisor.


  1.    Expert Nuke, Shake, and After Effects compositor.

  1.    Skilled Traditional Graphic/Concept and Digital Artist.

  1.    Also Proficient with Mocha, Combustion, Motion, Silhouette, PFTrack, and Final Cut Pro.


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